This game is really on life-support

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This game is really on life-support

Postby Mmoak2018 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:12 am

In terms of keeping the money flowing, I concur that the cubes must observe a return and ought to work with fusing Nebulite on equipment as well as stand alone nebs Cheap MS2 Mesos. They might present a money shop nebulite box which gives status nebs to B could be very beneficial to the market.

Adding tiers of all neb boxes is an idea that is intriguing but I am not sure I'm 100% on board. In the event the regular box fall rate is decent nebulite supply should not be an issue. Something like this ought to be left for after until we could see what effect the changes have had.

How to work it into the system is another topic that requires more discussion and ideas. I believe there should be 3 tiers of crafted neb items. One requires level 10 crafting, another organizers, as well as the meister. These items would operate in the same manner as the block would, except that they could be utilized on nebs, and only on fitting or reduced rated nebs. Those ranks being D, B and C respectively. These items could have a chance of ranking up a neb than fusing but instead of utilizing the cube. They could also be consumed to reward a neb of the position. They should stay unique to the crafting system (no dropping from bosses) and be fully tradable. These neb items would be crafted from, I have no idea, nor what they'd be called.

Nebulite System is really important and the only thing we could do for your system that is nebs is waitting, you Nexon is the boss, they call each shot this game.This print is not but White-colored-Knighting. I help you're against my criticisms of the match, whatever you do is admit just what this game comes in where it came into life, yet you're considering to remain completely oblivious of the many flaws, flaws that over-shadow the great in this sport by light-years, dis-acknowledging them such as this game may be the embodiment of Megan Fox. Allow me to tell you what it's, attractiveness (or possibly our subject here's"quality") is integrated in the eye from the beholder. Have you been able to state a great deal of this MMO-community is actually a beholder? Yes, as it's a subset, it is the topic from the discussion! For them, according to what this match is, is really a trash that is wasted!

In the event you thought of this is actually still a MMO then do we ought to have the opposite of understanding Official Site. There's 1 factor, however, I am realistic, not convinced (which in my vocabulary, is equal to refusal ). You may not believe that game or form can compete inside the Mmog-market? LMAO! Because the market is dry the interest it's getting now's! Allow me to know one feature which makes MapleStory aggressive being an MMORPG? It cannot even stand having an MMORPG!

White-colored-dark night all that's necessary, we're gonna have a conversation several weeks if this game is really on life-support. I have just 1 idea to make this game more enjoyable, it is preparing more MapleStory 2 Mesos from the game so you can do much more things rather than complaining this game is boring.

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