Issue with Food and Goods Satisfaction

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Issue with Food and Goods Satisfaction

Postby kevinmanuel » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:18 am


I have noticed that when I use a mod that includes a large addition of new products, the Food and Goods satisfaction levels of a city go to low levels. They are often impossible to raise without forming subsidiaries to build up the variety since the AI refuses to enter those market segments. I'm not sure if it applies non available items that need to be researched in the algorithms but if it does, it should not. I know that this mechanism of variety and quantity makes sense but I think there should be some means for it to gradually grow.
For example, the game could require that at the start, a total of 10 items is required for goods. As the user and AI start to build, they will produce goods that get included, so as Good 1 and Good 2 are produced the Goods Satisfaction Factor (GSF) would be 20/100 so long as those two goods were being sold in the stores and they were satisfying full market demand. Once the game has reached 90/100 GSF, it will add another 10 to the requirement setting the game rating to 45/100 GSF. This would continue until you reach the max goods available for production and the market will be "full".
Please ask me to elaborate on something if I did not provide sufficient detail.
Any thoughts?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Issue with Food and Goods Satisfaction

Postby Stolelob » Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:45 pm

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