Stellar Conflicts Revival?

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Stellar Conflicts Revival?

Postby Orbitguy » Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:28 pm

Vote on all of these sites guys, lets get the word out! Voting for Stellar Conflicts increases the game exposure, and gets more players playing the game, simple as that. ... licts.html ... s-2-0.html ... licts-2.0#

Mofunzone has an old client, they need a new one, I submitted one about a year ago and they never uploaded it....

Newgrounds has an old client as well. ... te=stellar - if you haven't voted on Kong before, please do so now, every vote helps.

Also submitted to Asylum Games, Game Garage - They were reviewing it. There's a lot of other sites as well but not all of them you can vote on or have a usable client.

Everybody idle in the game as much as possible!

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