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New game improvement suggestions

Postby JoeClark » Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:28 am

I am suggesting a new system for ED, I am pretty sure many (if not all ) would agree.

1. No more modes: 1 mode - Open Only, console plebs and poor internet connection folks will move to CQC.

2. Docking computer and turret weapons are removed form the game. If you cant dock you dont deserve a PF licence. If you cant aim at least with gimbals, you dont deserve to be a fighting pilot.

3. No more NPCs, the role of NPCs will be fulfilled by the PVE players. They like to go from A - B - A repetitively, high wake/explore, circle the station for no reason, having trouble docking while getting stuck in the mail slot, their skills match the NPCs.

4. Bounty hunting res sites and conflict zones will be full of PVE players and they will be farmed by the PVPiers like we do today.

5. Assassination missions will randomly choose one PVE player and put their name as a mission target, if they get killed you complete the mission and receive all their assets, they will be back in a sidewinder.

6. Combat logging will automatically result in you going back to sidewinder, even if you get disconnected by poor ISP, take it up with them.

7. Block functionality is removed from the game.
Any Suggestions?
Please help.

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