Squad's next project

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Squad's next project

Postby JoeClark » Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:02 am

With KSP 1.0 on the horizon does Squad have any other projects aside from occasional patches/fixes to 1.0?

I was watching a documentary on Netflix, one where James Cameron takes a 1-man sub to the bottom of of the supposed lowest trench in the ocean. They go from concept to design and construction of the sub and I thought this should be Squad's next project: Kerbal Marine Program (or some variant, Kerbal Sub Program, Kerbal Oceanic Program). Designing and launching ships/subs to various depths at various locations looking for various science/data.

As KSP has a secondary Space Plane program, this project would have a surface craft program where you design seaworthy ships that act as both command vessels and launch platforms for the underwater (primary) vessels.

Too much to ask?
Please help.

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