Hair Straighteners-Learning tips to properly straighten your hair

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Hair Straighteners-Learning tips to properly straighten your hair

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If you are inexperienced in the use of hair bundlesstraighteners, start with a low temperature and start to gradually increasing it, until you acquire skill.
Although invest more time in the early planning, you better play it safe: the plates can exceed 240 C and become dangerous if not used carefully.
Do not use thehuman hair bundles straighteners near water (sink, tub ...) or with bare feet. As with the dryer, there is a risk of electrocution. Be careful not to accidentally touch the hot parts of the plate. Can exceed 240 C and cause burns. For the same reason, do not support the hot iron on a surface with little resistance to heat.
Despite it may be one among the best Brazilian hair bundles straighteners, do not leave the iron out of reach of children or use it for purposes other than to smooth her hair. Do not expect to get very good results with your hair before having acquired some practice with the iron.
Professional Tips
What are the consequences of Best Hair Straighteners misuse? It doesn't matter if you have a quality device, your hair can become damaged by misuse of the plate, and it is immediately recognizable because they have thinned and burned the tips of the hair much like spending time in the sun. The heat affects the keratin present in hair structure, which weakens and loses beauty. This phenomenon was more common when used old plates. With the new, the problem stems from an abuse of the temperature or intensive daily use, for periods of at least three or four months.
How to choose?
If you are considering purchasing straightening irons, more expensive does not necessarily mean better. The most expensive model, in fact, is the worst it has obtained the best results among plates are cheap models. If you want a straightened effect, experts highlight going for models rated by both users and by experts and their approximate price. Bellow you find 3 of the best hair straighteners:
1.Chi Original with a Ceramic fabulous Flat Iron- Has a fixed and only temperature about 370 degrees, for shorter up to medium wonderful length hair & for normal and coarse hair, not for fine hair.
2.Sedu Pro Ionic with great ceramic Tourmaline fabulous Iron- This is a ultra light and great weight straightener which has a versatile fabulous styling ability & is just great for pretty short to great medium size hair.
GHD MK4 great Ceramic fabulous hair straighteners - This one which has a fabulous floating plate full of technology Best Hair Straighteners which helps to really eliminate frizz, also has a great and fixed temperature which the setting is of 370 good degrees & offers one year great warranty.

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