Issues with Modela Player 4

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Issues with Modela Player 4

Postby kevinmanuel » Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:49 am


I have a range of issues with Modela Player 4 that I can't seem to resolve:
(a) It's a bit crashy and often goes into 'Not Responding' mode. I have Win 7 and 4 Gb RAM on a reasonably fast laptop. Other software does not have such an issue with the meshes I'm using.
(b) It won't let me set up a tool with a diameter over 2.35 mm. I have the iModela from Techsoft, and one of the tools they sell is a 3mm ball cutter.
I would like to be able to use any diameter I want, up to 3mm.
(c) It won't let me directly set the cutting area in the Modeling Form dialog. I am trying to set the maximum area that the iModela can use, but it won't let me. I have to tinker with the margin and other settings before it will show a size within the allowable measurements. Perhaps the software should allow the user to set the size of cutting area first, and then all other measurements can be made after? This is a usability/logical workflow issue.
Please could anybody tell me if any of these issues can be resolved?
I have also been looking at Vectric Cut3D, which is excellent software and seems to be mostly there - it handles my models without crashing, and after tinkering, the on-screen render produces a good result. However, with that software it seems that the available post-processor that is compatible with the iModela cannot do a tool change. So...I haven't yet tried cutting anything with it (not wanting to waste any materials).
Does anybody out there know how to get this working properly with the iModela? Is there a different post-processor I could just slot in that would do the job?
All I'm trying to do is 2.5D cutting in JewelWax, in order to make jewellery. What are other people using to do the same thing?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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